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Ningbo Ruixing Motor Co., Ltd.for many years engaged in the development, production and sales of the hollow cup permanent magnet DC motor. Hollow cup motor is a high performance motor structure is special, hollow cup motor not only has the common permanent magnet DC motor has a good starting performance and smooth speed characteristics, than the traditional DC motor and servo drive performance has better performance, such as no loss, high efficiency, good commutation, small inertia, high sensitivity, long service life, I plant specializing in the production of various specifications of hollow cup with 6 ~ 62 with the permanent magnet DC motor, using a unique manufacturing process of molding hollow cup winding armature, with high coercivity of Nd-Fe-B rare earth permanent magnet stator, the brush of precious metal materials and the commutator, after years of exploration and practice, our motor has better performance, more perfect, more excellent in all aspects. In particular, the performance of large power motor to reach or close to the well-known foreign brands, and according to your special needs to design and manufacture.




The hollow-cup motor deceleration can reduce the output of the micro-motor through multi-stage gears before outputting, so as to obtain a low speed and a larger torque. As a whole independent drive component, it is widely used in various automatic adjustment, drive systems and servo control systems in the fields of machinery, electronics, communications, optics, and medical equipment. The hollow cup motors produced by our factory can be equipped with equal diameters or unequal diameters. Diameter precision gear reducer, transmission ratio can be selected, various miniature gear reducers are precision processed; the module of the gear is from 0.1 to 0.6mm. User-oriented is our consistent aim. The characteristics of efficiency, smooth transmission, low noise and long service life make our products have a good reputation. You are welcome to call us.

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